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Trim The Tree started buying a small amount of personalised Christmas decorations from the USA. We began our journey at small Christmas fairs and markets. We also travelled the country doing house parties, from Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath to towns across Ireland.

We are happy to support small business' entry into the market and so we supply these wonderful products on a wholesale basis. It is an ideal way to start your entrepreneurial journey in the pre-Christmas season buzz. 

Personalised Christmas decorations bring a smile to every face when purchased or when given as a gift so you will enjoy every minute and get great satisfaction from your customers.   

You can start on a small budget and build the collection of personalised decorations over time. We recommend an initial investment of approximately €500 will get you started with a good selection and range. You will soon see how popular they are and you can watch your business grow.

If you are interested in selling this product in your gift store or at local craft fairs contact Claire by email with details of your proposed location and any questions you may have.

A personalised Christmas decoration is a gift to treasure!

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